Statistic: Twenty percent of companies use wikis

20% of companies use wikis by ZDNet‘s nadezhda — ChangeWave Research says that 24% of companies are using Web 2.0 social software. Another 8% said they’ll begin using it in the next 12 months. Wikis (20%), blogs (18%) and social networking (15%) are attracting the most attention. Future users think blogs (26%) and social networks (21%) will be most beneficial. 39% of respondents reported […]


One Response to “Statistic: Twenty percent of companies use wikis”

  1. martinrottler Says:

    I’ve seen some limited success with using a few different wikis for various volunteer projects but am still not entirely sold on the matter as the various projects I’ve worked on have used two very different programs and styles. With more streamlining in the future, I think this could be an incredibly useful tool, especially for distance collaboration.

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