Thread for Show-n-Tell

Yes, today I went over my 15 minutes.  You DO NOT need a PowerPoint-that was just my choice.  Here is the listing (as I have it) in order.  See the syllabus for your Show-n-Tell date.  If you choose to swap dates/topics with someone, I expect you will notify me in advance:

A: Angela-Word of Warcraft (1/18)
B: Erica-Facebook (1/18)
(the rest of the topics should be picked in order, that means C: we’re waiting for you to stake your claim by commenting on this thread, then D, and so on)
D: Travis-SecondLife
E: Katie-Pandora
F: Brittny-Wikipedia
G: Jacob-Azure Buze
H: Matia-YouTube
I: Rick-Digg
J: Cory-XBox Live
K: Scott-Craigslist
L: Steph-SND Share
M: Martin-Flickr
N: Nicole-MySpace
O: Mike-Interactive Video Networking (IVN)
P: Ryan-Netvibes


13 Responses to “Thread for Show-n-Tell”

  1. Isaac Halvorson Says:

    I’m gonna do

    Now hopefully I don’t get “flamed” for choosing that site.

  2. Can I do wikipedia?

  3. If Travis and Katie don’t object. Remember the written part that I wrote (the assignment) asks you to look at control and revenue of the company. Wikipedia is quite complicated in that regard, but critical for our understanding of Web 2.0. So Travis and Katie, if you’re not willing to stake your claim, would you pass that choice up? :)KMP

  4. I am fine with it. Have fun! I am waiting to see what Travis will do before I choose my topic.

  5. I know I am very low on the pecking order, but I was wondering if anyone would mind if I took Interactive video networking.

  6. If Jacob doesn’t mind, I would like to do You Tube.

  7. I’ll do digg if no one objects

  8. undhonorstud Says:

    Can I do Xbox Live? Would that qualify as a 2.0 revolution?

  9. Stephanie Says:

    Can I have SND share?

  10. martinrottler Says:

    I’d like to share Flickr with the class :-D.

  11. I choose Craigslist. Huzzah!

  12. onceablonde07 Says:

    I’ll take myspace…

  13. I will do Netvibes (

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