Blackboard on your mobile device?

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“In a move sure to catch the attention of trend-watchers in higher ed, Blackboard announced on Monday its acquisition of a major mobile messaging provider, NTI Group.

The merger brings together two companies that are dominant in their fields and raises the possibility of a stronger emphasis on mobile content in online learning. Since Virginia Tech, colleges across the country have re-evaluated their emergency protocols and installed or upgraded mass notification systems, often embracing text (or SMS) messages as a relatively quick and effective medium for routine or urgent announcements.
While Blackboard is the premier provider of course management software in higher education (and increasingly, K-12), it has gradually entered successive markets — most recently, assessment — and consolidated its varying services to an extent that appeals to some officials preferring integrated functionality and troubles others worried about fledgling open-source competitors….(more at article)


3 Responses to “Blackboard on your mobile device?”

  1. katiejoyi Says:

    You brought up emergency notifications and I was wonder how that works at UND? With things such as the mugging that never happened and the plane crash, why were we not informed quicker? I heard about the plane crash from Grand Forks Herald before the office sent any information out.
    I also have a problem with the text message alert system. I know for a fact that my cell phone does not receive text messages and if we were heading to class, some of us have our phones off. Thus we would be unaware of alerts.

  2. Although on current phones, this might seem like a dumb idea. With the current state of mobile browsers (with the iPhone as an exception), we are limited to the crippled, mobile web. But as our mobile devices evolve at an ever increasing rate, this could be a very useful tool for our education.

    Emergency notifications are a big deal these days, especially after the Virginia Tech shooting, and I think text messaging is the ultimate solution. If emailed, the information would only reach users as they logged on to their computers. Almost everyone on campus has a cell phone, and a vast majority of those cell phone users have text messaging. It would allow for immediate and mostly complete dissemination of information to students, teachers, and faculty. I wouldn’t be surprised if cell phones with text message capabilities are a requirement, or at least a suggestion when coming to UND.

    The only other alternative that could have as widespread of an effect would be to install a PA system all around campus, but good luck getting UND to put up the money for that.

  3. Miketastic Says:

    I like the idea of being able to quickly get information out, but we have to understand that not everyone has cellphones (sometimes I feel like the only one). A solution for this would be to get all of the teachers, and possibly RAs something so that most people who are in their dorms or at class will be able to get the message quickly, and this would be cheaper.

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