Let’s have a Facebook Thread

Facebook Friends
After the cartoon, Facebook FriendsI’ll start with this article.  Ironically, it was found via Facebook “feed”:


With friends like these …

Facebook has 59 million users – and 2 million new ones join each week. But you won’t catch Tom Hodgkinson volunteering his personal information – not now that he knows the politics of the people behind the social networking site


4 Responses to “Let’s have a Facebook Thread”

  1. I hear a lot of people commenting on how facebook is a sad replacement for face to face interaction and real conversations. But the reality is, it was never meant to be a replacement. Sure it has become more useful and socially pervasive than ever before, but it is still no match for talking face to face.

    Getting mad at facebook for this is not the way to go about it. It’s the users that are at fault. The ones that sit on facebook for hours on end, searching for people who have updated their profiles. Maybe this is the utilitarian manly man in me, but I see facebook as nothing more than a utility. A utility that makes it easier for us all to connect and share our ideas. But a replacement for real conversations? No way José… Who is José you ask? Look him up on facebook.

  2. http://techland.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2008/01/11/will-someone-please-start-a-facebook-group-to-save-scrabulous/

    Scrabble is suing the 2 guys who make the Scrabulous application for copyright infringement. Just announced last week.

    Are they nickel-n-diming the programmers? Is the application drive sales for the product itself? Would you play the application if you had to pay for it? Or did these two programmers go too far? :)KMP

  3. http://adonomics.com/

    What is Adonomics?
    Adonomics™, formerly Appaholic, is your source for Facebook analytics. By providing a stock-market-style analysis of the Facebook platform we enable developers and investors to track application growth, activity, and valuation.

    Facebook Facts
    There are 792,583,059 installs across 13,678 apps on Facebook with over 168,000 developers currently evaluating the platform.
    These applications were used 34,175,797 times in the last 24 hours and have a combined valuation of $417,013,725.

    Facebook had approximately 60 million Unique Active Users in the past 30 days and a valuation of $18 billion.

    This translates to $300 per active user.

  4. I have found facebook as a good way to get the word out about things that are going on. I can’t understand the people who are on it for hours on end. As far as other games that they have on it, I am not big on them and would not pay for them. I can’t understand why Scabble is suing for something they can’t really make money on anyway. Maybe I am wrong, but it doesnt seem like its really worth it. It just seems like they are taking it to far.

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