Superbowl Advertising

NYTimes article:

Topical because of this weekend and our discussion on MSM advertising’s effect from the cause of on-line advertising. 


One Response to “Superbowl Advertising”

  1. I love this.
    People are SO obsessed with the super bowl commercials. I think that a lot of people build themselves up so much just to see the super-awesome commercials and then they get dissapointed…sort of funny. But I remember last year they had a whole bunch of commercials for that were pretty provocative. Nobody knew what it was for, so people ended up going online to see what it was all about. (It’s a website for registering domain names on the internet). So, in ways tv advertising will support the internet even if television is losing some revenue due to the internet. Big television events like the Superbowl will always make outrageous money from advertising.

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