Web & Enterprise 2.0

Time to make it a category on our class blog, since our next reading focuses on it:

Here’s something to start discussion: http://gobigalways.com/re-delete-the-enterprise-20-wikipedia-entry/

Re-delete the “Enterprise 2.0″ Wikipedia entry

“Enterprise 2.0″ doesn’t work as the name of a market. I get that it persists as a modification of Web 2.0 but it doesn’t work long term for the name of a market. When everyone begins distancing themselves from anything associated with trendy nomenclature, no one will want to be the darling of something as perishable as “Enterprise 2.0.”So, if not Enterprise 2.0, then what? The only other concept that seems to connect is “Social,” though I’m conflicted about that prefix. It’s obviously just as prevalent as “2.0″ and more accurately descriptive, but the word “social” is often met with a raised eyebrow in the enterprise. “Social” sounds like it’s about wasting time though I imagine with enough momentum, the term could be redefined (people take the word “Google” seriously). The whole nomenclature debate reminds me of the hype cycle that the prefix “e” traversed in the mid to late 1990s and some of the “e”-words survived…..


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