Gossip and Slander at a Campus Near You

In the annals of online discourse, “did you hear about [student]’s nose job?” isn’t among the best of what the Internet has to offer. It also isn’t the worst. An anonymous Web site that’s caught the attention — and provoked the ire — of students across the country has already unleashed comments like that one, and much worse, in carefree, unregulated and sometimes vicious discussion threads that have raised privacy concerns and condemnations on several campuses… (more at article)


5 Responses to “Juicycampus.com”

  1. I checked at it’s not at UND (yet). Not that I want to see it here. But I was curious.

  2. Seriously, it takes someone with no life whatsoever to create a site like this. And to those that will comment on it if it ever comes to UND, then they also have no life. It is just so sad to see that this is what the future of our society does: gossip online.

  3. I tried to check out the website and it doesnt work. Whats all the attention about if its not working

  4. It is this kind of thing that scares me when people are not being policed. I wonder what would happen to the site if people had to leave their names with what they write. I love freedom of speech, as long as people are willing to take responsibilty for what they say, and are willing to give others the same rights. This site was made to promote this kind of behavior.

  5. cant find the site!

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