Books on-line (for free)

(Courtesy of Isaac): “..two of the giants have made bold moves to distribute their content in new ways: Random House will sell selected books by the chapter, while HarperCollins will offer selected titles for free…”:


3 Responses to “Books on-line (for free)”

  1. I think Anderson makes a good point: so far, there aren’t any ebook readers out there that offer a better experience than reading from a book. But it is only a matter of time. Ebook readers are getting better and better these days, and sooner than later, we’ll have something that actually is the iPod of books. (I’m crossing my fingers for Kindle 2.0)

    Of course then we go into the issue of piracy, and payment. That’s a whole issue for another time.

  2. As someone who is interested in being part of the publishing industry (likely as an editor), this is exciting and scary to me at the same time. There are a lot of people to pay after a physical book is completed: the writer, editor, publishing house (which has to invest quite a bit of money to get the process up and running), the shippers, the middlemen (bookstores), there are the costs of producing the book…and the internet just laughs at all these financial considerations. I wonder, if these new internet tactics don’t work out, who stands to lose the most? The publishing house? The author? Or all the dozens of other people humbly involved in the process?

    Or perhaps the reader could lose out in the end…when quantity increases dramatically, quality isn’t always maintained.

  3. To comment on Angela’s post I would like to say that are losing out the most to start with would be those who print the books. But as books online become more popular people will start pirating so the authors and publishers would be the ones to suffer. In the end, however, if authors arent making any money, they will stop producing and may in the end we would be the ones to suffer because the best of the authors may stop writing. I hate to be the pesimist, but I worry about something like this happening.

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