Good Post on explanation of “Open Source”

Since we will be discussing this in its abstract (not programming-implementation form), I thought this blog posting would be helpful.  Especially for those of you who find our philosophical debates lacking in core content (*a shoutout to our programmers in the class):

Here are a couple articles related to both open source software, as well as the culture surrounding the open source world.

Open Source in the Public Interest

An Overview of Open Source License by American Bar Association

Open source software: A short interpretive history

The Cathedral and the Bazaar


One Response to “Good Post on explanation of “Open Source””

  1. Stories about librarians using Open Source software because business can’t keep up with their demands (as consumers):

    Open Minds, Open Books, Open Source
    As card catalogs once gave way to computers, it might be time for another paradigm shift at libraries.

    Last month, a survey by Marshall Breeding, director for innovative technologies and research at Vanderbilt University’s library, revealed a measure of discord over the options available to librarians for automating their electronic catalogs and databases, software called integrated library systems. Most libraries use solutions from third-party commercial vendors, paying up-front fees and yearly maintenance charges. “Dissatisfaction and concern prevail,” Breeding wrote, “yet some companies maintain exceptional levels of satisfaction from the libraries that use their products.”
    more at link…..

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