NYTimes: “Putting Innovation in the Hands of a Crowd”


Putting Innovation in the Hands of a Crowd

Published: March 3, 2008
If executives are going to rely on the wisdom of the masses for business help, it’s probably time the masses get a little compensation for it….That’s the theory behind Kluster, the newest in a lineup of companies using the Web to channel the collective wisdom of strangers into meaningful business strategies. With a cash reward system for contributors and a big beginning at the TED conference last week in Monterey, Calif., Kluster hopes to attract just enough visitors with just enough business smarts to gain early momentum….

One Response to “NYTimes: “Putting Innovation in the Hands of a Crowd””

  1. brahmsisbetter Says:

    This is an interesting idea, somewhat reminiscent of the many on-line games which use their own “currency” as a reward for participation. They’re definitely utilyzing operant conditioning here–push the right button, and you get a treat, push a lot of buttons, and you’re more likely to hit the right one. And in a way, the “Chaperone” problem in Wikipedia and Digg is not as present, since the site is about quality rather than quantity (though quantity doesn’t seem to hurt anyone other than the poor blokes who have to read your 10,000 posts).

    I am wondering how copyright issues would be resolved here. For instance, if a competitor stole a user-generated idea from the company offering the reward, would it be grounds for a lawsuit? I’m assuming that the site has some sort of legal protection in place to that end. But what if a company reveals too much of their secret, beta, still-in-the-works planning to competitors browsing the entries? Could this website protect them from themselves?


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