Pick an app, any app, and rate it for class on 4/9/08


Pick one and be prepared to discuss it in class on 4/9/08.  :)KMP


4 Responses to “Pick an app, any app, and rate it for class on 4/9/08”

  1. I’ll talk about Flixter. Flixter is very nice because it is integrated well with facebook, but it has it’s shortcomings as well. Compared with IMDB.com, it is far less powerful and has far less information. I only wish IMDB would get their act together and create a facebook app.

  2. rickabbo Says:

    I’m just writing on here so I don’t forget to do it.
    I’ll rate the “Where I’ve Traveled” app.
    This is one of the few that I have on my Facebook profile and I find it pretty useful. It lets you select which countries (states in the U.S., and provinces in Canada, but just countries for everywhere else) you’ve either traveled to, would like to travel to, or have lived in. It’s kind of fun to look at where your friends have traveled to or odd places they’ve lived. Out of 5, I’d rate it a 4.

  3. katiejoyi Says:

    Since I will miss the discussion, I will throw in my thoughts here. I would like to discuss Google Calendar. I love this application! Not only has it finally organized my life, I get e-mail reminders of what I have scheduled for each day. I also have the ability to access my calendar from any computer. The only thing I would change about it would be its integration into other Google applications such as Google Groups. I would highly recommend this tool to others who are as unorganized as I am.

  4. I’ve decided to “rate” the “My FlightMemory” application for Facebook. It’s “social interaction” comes from users being directed to a page that lists the history of every airline flight I’ve taken since the early 1990s. It took a while to find and update them all, but it now serves as a testament to the obnoxious amount of time I’ve spent on airplanes.

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