New beta: Shyftr

And discuss….


3 Responses to “New beta: Shyftr”

  1. rickabbo Says:

    I checked out shyftr and it seemed pretty cool. I already use BlogLines for my feed aggregator so I probably wouldn’t make the switch. I also would feel somewhat self conscious adding feeds to the shyftr site. Say I wanted to add a feed for a horribly bad reality show to the site, then my friends would see it and might not think the highest of it. Sort of kidding, but BlogLines is awesome.

    As for scribd, I’ve heard of it before, but never have checked it out. It looks neat, especially the free unlimited storage. That’s awesome. Right now I use Google Documents to sort of back up all of my papers and presentations, but this might be a better alternative. Cool!

  2. Shyftr: further proof that in the web 2.0 world, vowels are no longer necessary…

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