Digital Rights and University Electronic Reserves

A Press Revolt Against E-Packet Practices, April 17th, Inside Higher Ed article by Andy Guess

“For all the talk of textbooks with their hefty price tags, professors have always included other sources in their teaching material, whether in the form of journal articles, newspaper clippings, individual chapters or other media. For years, such disparate resources have come packaged in bound course packets. More recently, electronic reserves have in large part taken their place, allowing students to access digital copies of the same material through course management systems or their library Web sites…”

Then read the comments.  One in particular was interesting (to me):

“We don’t need them: The publishers may think we need them for journals, but with free software packages like Open Journal Systems from the Public Knowledge Project, it’s possible for an academic department or organization to produce a journal with blind peer review without a lot of difficulty, and where the results are freely available to all: .. Steve Foerster, Director, E-Learning Services at Marymount University, at 10:25 am EDT on April 17, 2008″


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