Course Hero Website

Link courtesy of AjacentIdea (Ryan):  Is this the future of education?  Can open source be a helpful, yet fair (meaning “no plagarism”) asset to higher education?  How will this add or subtract to the experience of college?  high school?  life in general?  Is this synergistic or counterproductive?  And what about its ties to Facebook? 


One Response to “Course Hero Website”

  1. The sharing of knowledge has been around for centuries, and the choice of whether or not to use it in a honest fashion lies within the hands of the users. Sites such as Course Hero are seeking to make the sharing of knowledge more efficient, and better suited for those learning and studying in the web 2.0 world. Instead of criticizing a movement that is bound to happen, you should think of ways to encourage students to use such sources in an honest manner. Online resource communities are simply attempting to provide students with more advanced study tools, that may be better suited for their learning and life styles. It is up to the user to decided the manner in which they utilizes such tools, and those who succeed will most likely be the ones who do so in an honest, diligent manner.

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