Clue game from class

Class period on Friday, April 25th.  Congrats to the class for “solving the crime.”  Hope you had as much fun as I hoped:

posted here for the HON 392 Web Revolutions class:  Today is “Show and Tell” Day, but it’s my turn again…Today is the “Day of Silence” for support for the GLBTQ community and allies.
With that in mind, and to allow for full participation of all our class members, we are going to try an experiment.  MY SHOW N TELL IS THIS EXPERIMENT.  From this moment on, there will be silence in the room  (*with the exception of any guests, and of course, you don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom; you’re grown-ups now!)
We are testing an experiment: can this group, an established working group, one with previous relationships between its members, collaborate completely on-line (or virtually) to come up with the “answer” to a given problem? There is ONE BEST answer to this project, unlike the “real world” in business, in journalism, or even in medicine or aviation.  I do not have a prediction or hypothesis either way, if the class will achieve its goal.  But it will be interesting to observe the process, and I will be walking around the building to see your progress.  Here are the rules:
1.  No face-to-face communication of any kind-talking, passing paper notes, sign language, charades, wipe board, etc.
2.  There is one best solution; your goal as a team is to find that solution.
3.  Each person is to participate fully, and each person will be given critical information that must be shared to find/derive the best answer.  You cannot show anyone the contents of your envelope, although you are free to communicate what the contents are.
4.  The game is based on a version of the (once) popular Board Game clue (the original).  The group must determine who committed the crime, with what weapon, and where.  Also one of your classmates is the victim: who was murdered?  Hint if s/he is dead, s/he won’t be able to communicate.
5.  You are allowed to leave the room at any point, but there can never be more than four people in any room in this building (or any other) at any time between the start of the game and the end time…
6.  THE END TIME.  We meet back in this classroom (4B) at exactly 11:35am to debrief and process how the team worked.
7.  If you have questions at any point before 11:35am, you may text me at 701-739-XXXX and I will answer text messages only (again, with the exception of the guests-and don’t get them to ask on your behalf).  If you do not wish to speak in class after 11:35am, you may text me a message that I can read to the group on your behalf.
Let the game begin!  No cheating. 


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