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“Facebook just for college students”

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Wow!  Have we come full circle.  Did Facebook get too big?  Does it matter than both my parents and my kids and I can all have Facebook at the same time?  Did opening Facebook to anyone take away from the service?

Josh Weinstein thiks so.

Will you try this CollegeOnly service?  Why or why not?


The “unplugged” challenge: this is your brain on computers

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The New York Times has run an artcle:

Note a quote: “But scientists point to an unanticipated side effect: when people keep their brains busy with digital input, they are forfeiting downtime that could allow them to better learn and remember information, or come up with new ideas.”

How long CAN you go “unplugged”?  How long to you WANT to?  Is the use digital devices in the collegiate setting going to “dumb down” our dialogue?  How can educators compete with the barrage of information that comes at students daily?  hourly?

Interesting NPR Story: Web Deals

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I’d like to discuss this in class.  Please listen to the less-than-four minute story, and we’ll discuss on Monday, August 30th.

Will you use the Facebook Location Feature?

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With all the privacy concerns, will you keep your Facebook account, turn off the privacy settings, or adjust your use in any way?  Let’s poll the class!  Leave your comment and an explanation.

Mashable: 5 Huge Trends in Social Media

Posted in Social Networking on August 20, 2010 by Kay & Project Management

What’s the first thing young women do when they wake up? Check Facebook. How do enterprise employees pass the time at work? With social media. With so many studies highlighting ever-accelerating social media usage rates, the conclusion is obvious — social media is everywhere.

From the article: “What follows are five of the hottest social media trends right now. Each are influencing our social, online and mobile behaviors in significant ways.

Entertainment checkin services are changing the way we watch television. Mobile loyalty applications are helping us connect the dots between our real-world shopping behaviors and digital rewards. A new breed of Q&A services are changing the way we search. Barcode scanning applications are making products social, and deal-of-the-day sites are giving us ways to save by recruiting our friends to the party.”

My question for the class: is this accurate for you?  For your friends?  How is this information gathered?  If you were to ask “around,” would you hear the same trends?  What are the social media trends for you and your peers?

First Question for our class: Is the Web Dead?

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for complete story go to:

Wired asked Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle, the creators of the Web 2.0 conferences, to debate the issues raised in our Web RIP cover package. Over a number of days, Tim and John traded emails with Wired magazine editor in chief Chris Anderson, who wrote one half of “The Web Is Dead.” Surprisingly, Tim agreed that the Web is the “adolescent” phase of the Internet’s evolution and that we are seeing a shift toward a more closed phase in the networked age’s cycles. John, however, was having none of it…