“Facebook just for college students”

Wow!  Have we come full circle.  Did Facebook get too big?  Does it matter than both my parents and my kids and I can all have Facebook at the same time?  Did opening Facebook to anyone take away from the service?

Josh Weinstein thiks so.

Will you try this CollegeOnly service?  Why or why not?


2 Responses to ““Facebook just for college students””

  1. I did a little research on the beginnings of Facebook (Thanks to ~Wikipedia~) and discovered that it was originally created for college students, specifically those at Harvard. It wasn’t until 2 years later that it had expanded so that anyone with an email address who was over 13 could join. Do I think that’s a bad thing? No. I enjoy that I have friends on it who aren’t in college, or that I can keep up with my Grandma and her farm (as in Farmtown, she’s addicted and tells me all about it) I don’t see why opening it to everyone took anything away from the service. If anything, it was expanded as more applications/games/features became available with more users. If some decided they just wanted to connect with college people, just add your college buddies. How hard is that? No one says you HAVE to add your Mom (except maybe your mom, but you know how that goes).

    As for the Collegeonly service, I am not impressed. It says that it “connects student bodies” while there is a girl with a massive chest on the front page. Exactly which way are we “connecting” here? Why do I need this website to “hook” up with someone on campus? It also says on one of the press kits “Find Hot Guys,” as if that is a major merit of the site. Although the site claims that its a mobile social club which allows students to find out what is going on on campus, it seems like one big booty call site to me. I’d much rather just talk to my Grandma on facebook, thanks.

  2. I’ve got to agree with Allison on this one. Sure, Facebook did start out at “college only” like this new website is trying to promote, but what about the others who are sick of Myspace and aren’t in college? Not everyone decides to go to college anymore.

    It’s also the idea of being able to connect with family and friends. For instance, I have family over across the ocean in England, who I like to talk to online and see how they’re doing, or to see where they went on their vacation, and other things like that. You can’t do that on a “College Only” website.

    I’m also slightly confused with the “anonymous” posts and updates people can do. Does that mean you can have an account but prefer not to use your name/other information in your posts, or does that mean you can just post anonymously without an account or verification? Because if it was the latter of the two, what’s the need for it being “college only” if you can post anonymously with no account or verification of age and whether or not you’re in college? I could be wrong, though and it could be the other way around.

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