After our discussion today about who is driving the adoption of the location features of Facebook/smartphones, I happened to get this delivered.

MeetMoi is location based dating site that allows you to meet singles who are “near you”

How would you rate that on the “creepy scale” we discussed in class?  Do you think this is a user-driven adaption?  Did customers want this?  Will it succeed?


4 Responses to “MeetMoi”

  1. Not really all that creepy~ I mean there were TV commercials for a similar idea so you wouldn’t end up meeting someone you had common values with who lives in Alaska or something. I wonder how specific the areas are though. If you could select something like “The Midwest” it wouldn’t be scary at all. But if you could get down to city limits or even neighborhoods that would start to be a little bit startling but I still think overall thumbs up. But again I dont know the culture of online dating. Does it have a tendency to be creepy????

  2. Well, in a Law & Order: SVU episode, a woman using a similar “near you” mobile dating feature ended up being raped and killed. Not that TV is always true… But I think Law & Order was on to something. In my mind, this is probably a 7 on the creepy scale. The reason for me that it’s not higher is because people can choose whether to use this or not. Which brings me to believe that customers must want this sort of dating site available especially since MeetMoi has been up and running since 2007. Also the fact that it is now being linked to Facebook must mean it has some sort of status on the popularity scale. Will it succeed? I can’t really say. Because I’m not a member of the group of people who demand this sort of thing, I want to say no, but there’s probably a whole community of people who are excited to be able to find singles near them at the click of a button.

  3. I think Ross is on to something when he questions the specificity of the location. Is it a geographical area, like the Midwest, or city limits and neighborhoods? I did a little bit of research and the article itself says this: “Users of MeetMoi never get their matches exact location, merely the fact that said person is nearby.” But I still find this pretty unsettling- that someone can know that I’m “nearby” as in, within the neighborhood or even within blocks.
    I’m not sure if it will succeed. It’s still going strong from it’s inception in 2007 so that speaks for itself I suppose. Time magazine recently announced that from 2007-2009, 30% of American couples first met online. Perhaps, to these couples, this is just another convenient way to find love. I certainly would never use it but that’s a personal choice.

  4. I did a little looking at the linked sites like Paige, and it does appear that nearby does equal in the same city and possibly neighborhood. Which although the article discussing the new link with Facebook says it won’t say your exact location, but the website states that you will get an alert when someone is nearby and they send their picture and profile to you. Assuming you have this data now how hard would it be to locate this person? If its a busy area probably not that easy, but if it isn’t a very busy area it might be rather easy.

    Obviously the demand appears to be there if it is still around after 3 years as the others before me have said.

    I would definitely rate this as pretty far up there on the creepy scale probably a 7 or so on a 1(least creepy) – 10(most creepy) scale. I can definitely see this being abused by a possible rapist, or murderer. The new connection with Facebook also seems to point to the fact that the user is disclosing their location on Facebook, which as discussed in class is probably not a good idea because it lets people know that your house/apt. is possibly empty and makes it a target for a burglar.

    I definitely would not use this site/application seems like asking for trouble.

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