On-Line Outcry


YouTube took down the video showing a woman throwing live puppies into a river, but it still being shown on LiveLeaks (more than a million viewers so far).   Is the video upsetting? Yes (I watched only about 20 seconds of it before I became too enraged to watch).

Should YouTube have taken the video down?  What does LiveLeaks contribute to society?  Must it contribute to society to have the right to show the video?

The CNN article tells us: “A facebook page dedicated to helping track them down had more than 7,000 people sign up since the video was posted Monday.”  Really?  Is that going to help?


3 Responses to “On-Line Outcry”

  1. This story really disturbed me and so I did some follow up. And guess what popular Internet forum made an appearance….None other than 4chan. http://www.pcworld.com/article/204615/video_of_puppies_thrown_into_river_spark_outcry_and_sleuthing.html

  2. I was interested to see what YouTube has listed as content policies, so I looked and found that it focuses primarily on copyright issues, rather than other aspects of content. It has a “safety” section where users can submit problems by choosing a category, and they are all quite vague. This particular video would probably fall under “harmful and dangerous conduct,” although that category pertains more to videos that feature destructive decisions, like drug use, etc.
    It’s pretty subjective, so I would agree with YouTube having the ability to remove the video, as it is their site, although I’m not sure that this video falls into any of the categories they list as harmful content.
    Regarding LiveLeaks, I don’t think it needs to contribute to society in order to show the video. However, it does contribute, in a certain sense, by exposing harmful acts against animals. I agree that the video exists at all is disturbing, but is it not spreading awareness and ultimately assisting in animal rights? For all we know, videos like these could aid in producing harsher punishments for animal abusers, or could promote enough awareness to stop people in the act of abusing. Just because the act recorded was harmful doesn’t mean the resulting reactions will be.

  3. Rebecca VanderClute Says:

    Judging from things I’ve read on the internet, things like making a FaceBook page does help. Maybe not FaceBook itself, but the internet community has helped bring some sickos to justice.

    For instance, there’s a reason why FBI agents are referred to as the 4Chan Party Van. While they did not directly interfere in the case outlined in the meme article, I have heard stories of Anonymous alerting authorities anytime someone posted child porn on their site, or even outright harboring undercover FBI agents posing as minors to catch people. And don’t get them started on animal abuse cases – that’s one of the easiest ways to piss them off, and they WILL track you down and alert the authorities. Both amazing and yet terrifying, the power of 4Chan/Anonymous.

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