3 Rules of the Internet

Lessig would say that the title is incorrect, and it’s really the “3 Rules of Cyberspace” (see chapter six of Code 2.0).  But it’s an enjoyable video none the less:


3 Responses to “3 Rules of the Internet”

  1. Why IS Fred so popular? He’s friggin annoying. Same with LisaNova. UGH.

    Although I agree with the first one for sure. Don’t take things personally. So many people misread things that were meant as sarcasm or humor and take them personally. Which is just aggravating.

  2. I definitely agree with the first rule, “don’t take it personally.” I don’t really have much experience with the internet at all, but even dealing with facebook I see this problem. I find it really annoying when someone posts something, and then gets angry or upset when someone else comments on it disagreeing. I guess my opinion is if you can’t handle criticism or don’t want someone to comment on your stuff, don’t post it. Otherwise, it seems to me you are bringing it on yourself. Obviously, not everyone is going to agree on everything and there will always be someone willing to disagree with you.

    I also think there will always be something you don’t understand. With me, pretty much everything I don’t understand. I guess I think Fred is funny, but only in small doses, otherwise his stupid little kid voice is annoying.

  3. Alex Oswald Says:

    Rule 1 is that you shouldn’t take anything personal. I know from experience that if you add something like a music video or a story, people are bound to comment on it and sometimes they will flame your piece. Flaming is the act of degrading something, like saying it sucked. I have found people who add their stuff to website and have a note saying, “All flames will be deleted/not accepted). This is where Rule 1 comes in, don’t take it personally. If you can’t handle people who have these silly flames, then don’t add your pieces to the site. Also, in the real world, criticizing pieces is common (movies, books, art, etc…) It’s just a fact of life that shouldn’t be avoided.

    Rule 2 is that there are things that you will not understand. I find Fred to be a good example. My sister (who is 2 ½ years younger than me) found Fred hilarious when he first appeared. I have actually seen Fred buttons and shirts at Hot Topic (awhile ago) so he must have been very popular. I just found him extremely annoying. Another example would be Charlie the Unicorn. There were buttons and shirts of Charlie too and I know some of my friends didn’t get it.

    If I had to write Rule 3, it would be that not everything will be what it seems. Think about any social network. I could say that I am a 25 year old blonde who loves to party and take shots (not me). Then I could google a picture and use it as my profile pic. Another example of a fake ID would be that you download some music file from a site and when you open it on your computer, it turns out to be a virus. Lessig said that these types of fake identities might not happen in the future. We shall see.

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