Reminder: Out-of-class Assignment

As per our discussion on the first day of class, and Wednesday, one of your expectations for Web 2.1 class is that you watch and are ready to discuss the Hollywood movie: The Social Network (the official movie site is cool, but the music gets pretty annoying imho)

As expected, some of the actors and the screenplay writer are making “the junket” to do publicity for the movie.  Mashable noted the presence of Justin Timberlake on The Daily Show, and Aaron Sorkin on The Colbert Report.  I also saw a clip of Justin Timberlake on Jimmy Fallon’s show, as well.

Well, as part of the assignment, I want to see your thoughts/reflections on the movie.  Feel free to do that here.


4 Responses to “Reminder: Out-of-class Assignment”

  1. I will admit that I was not excited to see this movie. However, after seeing it, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I knew Facebook had small beginnings, but I liked watching its history in the way the movie presented it. I thought the movie had good comedic relief when needed, although it seemed like there weren’t a lot of people in the audience that shared the same sense of humor. I do wonder how much of the facts were dramatized, but its more fun that way. The beginning of the movie is a little confusing, but after a few minutes I was able to catch on.

  2. Concerning the movie in and of itself, The Social Network was a decent film. However, I was pretty surprised at how Zuckerberg was portrayed, in terms of how he treated others. I’m told a lot of the film is unrealistic though; that is, the sex and drugs weren’t as present and according Wikipedia, Zuckerberg wasn’t interested in the Harvard clubs. I’m not surprised that he’s not thrilled with how he’s depicted on film.

  3. Overall I really enjoyed The Social Network. It wasn’t just a movie that chronicled the creation and rise of Facebook as a social media phenomenon but it actually focused on a much broader picture. Ultimately, I think TSN is just a backdrop to themes that everyone can relate to – friendship, love, betrayal, power. I really liked the legal drama that also came into play.
    The Social Network has been criticized for it’s apparent lack of reality or deviating too much from real life. But that was one of the things I appreciated most. The Social Network (much like Facebook itself) is a place where the line between real and imaginary is increasingly blurred. The beauty of this movies lies in the lack of distinction between right and wrong, between real and imaginary. We are left to decide who or what we believe in.

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