In class today, we will discuss StumbleUpon and some other social bookmarking websites.  Here are the vital links.

2007 article about difference between Stumble Upon and delicious

My question to the class, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of “new knowledge” being created by the bookmarks, and what concerns would you have in using this system (as advertiser or stumbler)?   If choosing NOT to add a StumbleUpon account connected to mine, you must post a comment that shows your critical thinking on the subject (HW # 6!)


2 Responses to “Stumble-Upon”

  1. I am HonorsLadyKay on Stumble Upon.

  2. I have decided NOT to add stumble-upon to my computer. The main reason for this is that right now, with midterms coming up, I do not need another thing to distract me as I try to finish assignments and study for tests. Also, I feel that this accessory is not academically helpful in anything I do right now. It just randomly picks websites that an algorithm thinks I’ll like. Maybe someday I’ll add to my computer, but now is not the right time.

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