Currently, our Learning Management Software package for University of North Dakota is Blackboard.  You can visit them at their next conference.  You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

But according to Inside Higher Education, if you were attending a For-Profit school, you’d be using a different LMS, and if you attend the University of Phoenix, you might see a home-grown, Enterprise 2.0 LMS created by the school itself:

“Blackboard historically has been synonymous with learning management technology. While the company in recent years has lost some clients in that market to competitors, it still provides the learning management platform for more than half of nonprofit institutions, according to the latest data from the Campus Computing Project.  But in the growing for-profit market for learning management, Blackboard is not king. ….

What does stand to change is the importance of learning management systems. In a presentation at Educause earlier this month, the University of Phoenix — by far the largest higher ed institution in the country, serving 400,000 students (300,000 of them online) — said it has plans to redesign its own, homegrown learning management system based on the theory that increasing the system’s capabilities will be crucial to student success. With the online learning platform becoming the primary point of contact between many institutions and a growing proportion of their students, you can bet that both sectors — and the vendors that serve them — were playing close attention.”


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