Paige’s Link

Blog post from (our book’s author) Phil Simon, courtesy of Paige!

He writes:

I’m very pleased to be joining Mike 2.0 as a featured contributor. Considering that I’ve written two books, maintain my own blog, and write for a number of other technology sites and publications, it’s safe to say that I have no shortage of opinions on different technology, data, BI, and management issues–the very topics that Mike 2.0 addresses. In other words, based on what I have seen and continue to see as a consultant, it won’t be hard for me to write a weekly post that I hope you find interesting.

OK, enough with the introductions. This week I was reminded about the reasons that the future of open source software is so promising. To be sure, I’ve got OS religion.

So, why am I so bullish on OS? Well, many reasons that will become apparent as you read my posts each week. Allow me to start off with a story from this past week….

(read more at the article)


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