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Syria Restores Access to Facebook and YouTube

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According to the NYTimes, Syria has restored Facebook and YouTube.  Now that Egyptian President Murbarak has resigned, it will be interesting to study the role of social media, and Web 2.0 technology in the 2011 revolutions.

From the article: “The Syrian government began allowing its citizens Wednesday to openly use Facebook and YouTube, three years after blocking access to Facebook and other sites as part of a crackdown on political activism. Human rights advocates greeted the news guardedly, warning that the government might have lifted the ban to more closely monitor people and activity on social networking sites….”

There’s a great quote from the Secretary of State camp: ” “We welcome any positive steps taken to create a more open Internet, but absent the freedoms of expression and association, citizens should understand the risks,” said Alec J. Ross, senior adviser for innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who helped organize a delegation of business leaders from technology companies to meet with Mr. Assad in Syria last year. In those meetings, the business leaders said that opening the Web would be important to drive innovation.”


New Coupons

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How Gadgets and Mobile Devices will change the very idea of coupons:

NYTimes article:

But what if manufacturers could make coupon offers on the spot, as you stood in the aisle, within sight of the promoted product? Your cellphone would identify your shopping predilections, allowing the manufacturer to withhold the offer if you were likely to buy the product anyway. The offer could go exclusively to those who just needed a little nudge.

Sounds very “Minority Report,” no?


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Are any of you using this site to bring extra traffic to your blog(s)?  What feedback have you received?

All following text copied from TechCrunch post:

“Now Over 200 Million Users A Month, Disqus Gets A New Look, Premium Add-Ons, New API

First, the numbers. The Disqus commenting system (which we use on TechCrunch) is now reaching over 200 million people a month, according to their Quantcast data. That means it took them only about 6 months to double traffic. And by that measurement, it makes them the fourth largest U.S. network, with over 95 million of those users based in this country. There are now 500,000 communities and websites using the service. And there are over 18 million profiles and over 160 million conversations across the network.

And so today it’s time for the next step. Currently rolling out across their network, the latest version of Disqus (technically, version 4) brings three key things: a new design/interface, premium add-ons, and a new API.

While many of the features users know and love about Disqus remain intact, the service has given a fresh coat of paint to some areas of the commenting system. The biggest changes here are in the deshboard area which admins and moderators use to control the comments on a site. Things have been cleaned up quite a bit, and the end result is a simplified moderation system. End users will also be able to more easily manage their own comments from here.

The bigger news is the availability of add-ons. It used to be that certain power features were only available to VIP members of the service that paid for it. These were mainly larger blogs (like this one) that needed and/or wanted more data about their comments through tools like analytics. Now Disqus is giving other sites access to these tools bundled together in smaller packages. For example, while VIP service costs $999 a month, you can pay $19 a month for the Plus service at get access to analytics, realtime updating, moderation reports, admin logs, and preferred support.

There is also a Professional package for $199 a month that adds a few things like single sign-on, an advanced theme editor, and partner API access.

Speaking of the API, with this version 4 roll-out, it has been completely redesigned from scratch. It’s still a bit of a work in progress, says co-founder Daniel Ha, but it should be more powerful. In fact, the new Disqus website is running off of it.

This new API will allow people to better integrate the service into mobile apps, allow them to write plug-ins, and eventually be able to even write their own frontend end for the commenting system. Here’s the link to the new API docs, and the new console.”

Cloud Computing

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Links and tools for learning about “cloud computing”

youtube link (search for “cloud computing”)

Phil Simon

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Paige pointed out that our current book’s author has a helpful and insightful website:

While I facebook friended him, and am now following his tweets, if you want to “connect with Phil Simon” on facebook, it asks for permission to access almost, if not all, your information including your personal e-mail address.  I wasn’t willing to “give all that up” but it’s fascinating that it asks for all that information that you have given to Facebook.  Any reactions?

Also check out the Web 2.0 application that Simon is using to “kickstart” his next book “The New Small”

UMRHC Graphic

Posted in innovations, Stuff You Should Read/See, Uncategorized, Web & Enterprise 2.0 on October 14, 2010 by Kay & Project Management lets you make “tag clouds”

I used it to make this logo for the Upper Midwest Regional Honors Conference for 2011.  What do you think?

Wordle: UMHRC 2011

The Connected Devices Age: iPads, Kindles, Smartphones and the Connected Consumer | Nielsen Wire

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The Connected Devices Age: iPads, Kindles, Smartphones and the Connected Consumer | Nielsen Wire.

From the article: “The growing popularity of connected devices, from tablet computers like the Apple iPad to smartphones, portable games players, and eBook readers like the Kindle and Nook, is already changing how some consumers engage with media. It is also creating new opportunities and challenges for a broad range of companies. Publishers, media companies and application developers are eager to know whether they should optimize their content for particular devices. Advertisers want to understand how these devices might eventually fit into their overall marketing plans.  Carriers want to know how to evolve their business models in a multi-connection world. And device manufacturers need to understand how consumers are using connected devices so they can improve their products, fine-tune their marketing and win the battle for market share.”