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Are any of you using this site to bring extra traffic to your blog(s)?  What feedback have you received?

All following text copied from TechCrunch post:

“Now Over 200 Million Users A Month, Disqus Gets A New Look, Premium Add-Ons, New API

First, the numbers. The Disqus commenting system (which we use on TechCrunch) is now reaching over 200 million people a month, according to their Quantcast data. That means it took them only about 6 months to double traffic. And by that measurement, it makes them the fourth largest U.S. network, with over 95 million of those users based in this country. There are now 500,000 communities and websites using the service. And there are over 18 million profiles and over 160 million conversations across the network.

And so today it’s time for the next step. Currently rolling out across their network, the latest version of Disqus (technically, version 4) brings three key things: a new design/interface, premium add-ons, and a new API.

While many of the features users know and love about Disqus remain intact, the service has given a fresh coat of paint to some areas of the commenting system. The biggest changes here are in the deshboard area which admins and moderators use to control the comments on a site. Things have been cleaned up quite a bit, and the end result is a simplified moderation system. End users will also be able to more easily manage their own comments from here.

The bigger news is the availability of add-ons. It used to be that certain power features were only available to VIP members of the service that paid for it. These were mainly larger blogs (like this one) that needed and/or wanted more data about their comments through tools like analytics. Now Disqus is giving other sites access to these tools bundled together in smaller packages. For example, while VIP service costs $999 a month, you can pay $19 a month for the Plus service at get access to analytics, realtime updating, moderation reports, admin logs, and preferred support.

There is also a Professional package for $199 a month that adds a few things like single sign-on, an advanced theme editor, and partner API access.

Speaking of the API, with this version 4 roll-out, it has been completely redesigned from scratch. It’s still a bit of a work in progress, says co-founder Daniel Ha, but it should be more powerful. In fact, the new Disqus website is running off of it.

This new API will allow people to better integrate the service into mobile apps, allow them to write plug-ins, and eventually be able to even write their own frontend end for the commenting system. Here’s the link to the new API docs, and the new console.”


No correlation

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Remember Homework #7: well, there’s an official answer to the question: do more (Facebook) likes mean more votes?  And the answer is no no correlation:

My favorite quote:  “Trilogy says the Facebook margin of victory only explained about 13% of voting results. For gubernatorial races, that correlation is even lower, with the strength of a candidate’s Facebook presence only explaining about 0.8% of the vote margin. And for House races, there was actually a slight negative correlation, meaning a stronger Facebook popularity was associated with a smaller margin of victory.”


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In class today, we will discuss StumbleUpon and some other social bookmarking websites.  Here are the vital links.

2007 article about difference between Stumble Upon and delicious

My question to the class, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of “new knowledge” being created by the bookmarks, and what concerns would you have in using this system (as advertiser or stumbler)?   If choosing NOT to add a StumbleUpon account connected to mine, you must post a comment that shows your critical thinking on the subject (HW # 6!)

Big Brother’s Newspaper

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So according to the article in the NYT, the folks at the Washington Post can view how much (web) traffic each article gets, including how successful the click-through advertisements are on each story.  If a story doesn’t meet a quota, it gets cut.

From the article: “Rather than corrupt news judgment by causing editors to pander to the most base reader interests, the availability of this technology so far seems to be leading to more surgical decisions about how to cover a topic so it becomes more appealing to an online audience.”  Also: “The paper’s top editors begin their morning news meetings with a rundown of data points, including the most popular search terms on, which articles are generating the most traffic and what posts are generating buzz on Twitter.”

This reminds me WAY TOO MUCH of Network.  And personally, I’m a bit scared that it would dumb down our news to articles only about Lindsay Lohan and folks who AutoTune the news.  Am I the only one who’s concerned?

Test your internet knowledge of website popularity

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At first, i thought this was a preference test, but it’s not: it’s to see if you can identify which website gets more hits.

Can you blog a smell?

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“‘writing about perfume is like dancing about architecture.’”

Everyone’s a Critic
Published: April 17, 2008
Online sites and bloggers now speak directly to consumers about fragrances, and the industry leaders are not amused.

Joke: How many Internet Marketers does it take to change a lightbulb?

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