Digital Rights Management-DRM

What does it mean and how does it affect you?  We started this discussion with respect to who owns the rights to the software/music/movies you buy.  Copyright protection is another way to frame this, in does the provider retain rights after selling you a product.  And how does filesharing (Napster/BitTorrent/Mashups/etc) fit into all this:

Here’s a good article to help get this page/post started.
Bits: Bits Debate: On the Rights of Readers and Viewers
By Saul Hansell, Published: January 18, 2008

Is the march of technology taking away rights people used to enjoy, such as the ability to make personal copies of things they buy? Tim Wu, of Columbia Law School, says technology is eroding the value of ownership. Rick Cotton, of NBC Universal, says new copy protection systems will give more options to consumers. The Bits Debate continues….

3 Responses to “Digital Rights Management-DRM”

  1. A new blog post from ZDNet:
    Does a compelling product make you overlook the built-in DRM? by ZDNet‘s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes — Let’s say there was a compelling product on sale that interested you. Maybe it’s a games console, or maybe it’s a player of some kind. Or it could even be a service such as iTunes or Audible. Let’s say that you really wanted what this product or service had to offer but in your research you discover baked-in DRM of one kind or another. You want the product or service but you’re aware that there’s DRM involved that could be a problem in the future.

    Canadian TV to Adopt DRM-Free BitTorrents
    An anonymous reader writes
    “Canada’s public broadcast network, CBC, is to adopt DRM free BitTorrent distribution of one of its major primetime shows, Canada’s Next Great Prime Minister. The effort has already been hailed by Canadian copyright guru Michael Geist, who expects the decision to add fuel to Canada’s net neutrality debate. A CBC producer behind the show told CNET that the motivation for the move was that CBC ‘wanted the show to be as accessible as possible to as many Canadians as possible, in the format that they want it in.’ As for DRM, she said ‘I think DRM is dead, even if a lot of broadcasters don’t realize it.’ She added that ‘if it’s bad for the consumers, its bad for the company.'”

  3. Sparks fly over copyright at Tech Policy Summit by ZDNet‘s Denise Howell — “Copyright in a Converged World” proved a hot topic at Tech Policy Summit ’08, as EFF’s Fred von Lohmann and TiVo’s Matt Zinn took on Patrick Ross of the Copyright Alliance and UCLA Law’s Doug Lichtman

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