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Should government enter the payment business? by ZDNet‘s Richard Koman — John Battelle thinks real-world payment processing would be an ideal business for local governments to get into. He notes that it’s already in this business in the form of automatic toll-payment technology; in the Bay Area, it’s called FasTrack. And apparently, commuters will now be able to use their FasTrack devices to pay for […]


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    The Transportation Security Administration May Be Hijacked By Web 2.0
    by Jason Hull with tags Business, Government
    For those of you who have griped about a long line for screening at an airport, or, alternatively, have been pleasantly surprised at the swift passage through the screening system, the Transportation Security Administration has now opened up a blog site for people to voice their opinions. The TSA seeks to create a two-way dialog with the public by opening up the system for comments. By doing this, though, the Transportation Security Administration has now opened itself up to a potential flood of complaints.


    EPA uses Web 2.0 to clean up the environment
    By Ben Bain
    Published on February 5, 2008

    Officials from the Environmental Protection Agency traveled to Lacey, Wash. Jan. 28 on two missions — to help clean up Puget Sound and demonstrate the tangible benefits of Web 2.0 tools.
    EPA presented contributions that nonprofits, corporations and government agencies made to the “Puget Sound Information Challenge” wiki at a conference last November where participants were asked to contribute information that could help groups working to clean up Puget Sound.

    In the two days that the Web page was up during the 2007 Environmental Information Symposium, the Web 2.0 application garnered more than 18,000 page views, 175 entries with everything from documents to decision support systems and a significant volume of e-mail. EPA also offered a phone number that people could call, but officials say they never got a phone call…more at article.

    Good example of non-profits (ie, the government) adopting Web 2.0. Does it give you ideas for your papers?


    Data Breaches Hit More Campuses
    A new report summarizing computer security incidents over the past year found that the number of losses and unauthorized disclosures of data increased markedly along with the number of colleges and universities affected. The most common incidents last year tended to involve “the release of information to unknown and/or unauthorized individuals,” shifting the focus from hacker-style attacks to breaches involving information technology employees themselves — whether acting knowingly or not.
    The “Year in Review” report for 2007 by Educational Security Incidents, an online repository intended to collect data on security incidents in higher educational institutions, scoured online databases dedicated to campus security reporting, as well as news sources, to create a consolidated picture breaking down the number and types of breaches that occurred last year. The total number of incidents reported rose 67.5 percent to 139, and they affected 112 institutions, a 72.3 percent jump from 2006.

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